JusRé is a beautiful artist, that creates with such imagination and passion we had to expose her to the ENDEE audience.JusReFor the people that haven’t heard of you yet, who is JusRé? “I am a Free Spirit, a free thinker, non-conformist, imaginative, down to earth person, who loves art in all its forms.”

JusRé is a painter out of Richmond, Virginia. A student of the Arts she explains how she first got passionate back in high school. “My high school art teacher Mrs. Barclay was the person who inspired me, she just gave me what I needed and helped me hone my skills.”

Where does the name JusRé come from? “My first name is Sone-Seere (pronounced “Sawn-Ser-Ray”) and most of my friends and family call me Ré. Some folks call me “Ray Ray”, which I can’t stand… so I find myself often saying NO, it’s just one Ré…its JusRé. JusRé simply represents who I am as an artist, it’s just me….plain & simple”

The thing JusRé says she loves most about painting is when someone asks her to do a portrait of a family member or someone that means something to them. You may think it is simple but a very humbling gesture, and when you experience JusRé that is what she is a very sweet humble person. “To see their reaction it means the most to me”JusReWhy do you think people love JusRé so much? I truly enjoy what I do. I love painting, and the first time somebody asked me for a painting, I was humbled. Everybody has a God-given gift to share with the world, if I’m able to share my gift and someone likes it, then I’ve done what I’m called to do.”

What is next, what do you want to do? “I would love to do some more mural work, painting on the side of a large building, highway visible building, with a graffiti style. I also have a few projects up my sleeve where I’ve collaborated with a fellow artist who shares my passion and creativity….so stay tuned.

JusReWhat would you tell any other ENDEE artist trying to get out there? “If there is a passion and desire and gift in you, you must pursue it, No Matter what anybody says. You have to go for your purpose, and if you don’t you’ll never end up filling fulfilled.”

To see more of her work go to:

www.facebook.com/JusRe      http://www.jusre.com/      http://twitter.com/mellowyell_oh

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