WordSmith “Blue Collar Recital”

Album Review

Talented rapper/emcee Wordsmith has released yet another album called “The Blue Collar Recital” which features songs for almost any relatable concept or situation in everyday life. From struggling with money, police encounters, and motivational quotes to even the simplest things like what to do on your lunch break, the Blue Collar Recital album has everything to help you conquer any day to day obstacle.

Wordsmith is a very talented hip-hop artist from Baltimore who is extremely passionate about his music and following his dreams that would do just about anything, but sell out for musical success. Throughout the album Wordsmith finds positivity in even the most senseless crimes and turns it into something inspiring. However, unlike most hip-hop artists today, Wordsmith delivers message driven lyrics without the use of profanity or derogatory language, which definitely sets him apart from his musical peers. He also uses a combination of clever wordplay and spirituality to encourage others to be triumphant through the struggles and trials of life.

Kicking off the album with “Its 5 AM Smell the Roses” Wordsmith brings listeners through a day’s journey constantly overcoming obstacles that you may encounter while “Living Life Check to Check” describes his goal driven mentality by telling stories about his challenging voyage through the life of music singing blue collar blues and doing exactly as the title implies. On the other hand, “M.F.F.W” is a more intense alternative track about police & those who seem to trouble people for no reason. There’s also some smooth stuff for the ladies like, “I Bet the Record Skips” which has a slow and sexy melody that definitely shows Wordsmith’s softer side.

The Blue Collar Recital was said to be an album inspired by the birth of his son, Kingston which follows his previous album, “King Noah” which received a lot of positive reviews from various publications and was later released to several major corporations including the NFL Network and ESPN.

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