Alana NoelWho is Alana? My name is Alana Noel. I am 25 years young. My ethnicity is comprised of Black, White, and Native American, and I was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga.
What or who motivates you? Seeing people in the situations I dream of being in, and the ones I would hate to be in

Alana NoelWhat are some rules and conditions you go in with on dates?

Rule #1 – Be a good conversationalist
Rule #2 – Put some effort into your appearance
Rule #3 – Don’t try to kiss me!

Would you describe yourself as a sexual person if so how do you rate your sex? Yes, I am very sexual person! I don’t think anyone can be a “10” when it comes to sex. There are always ways to make sex better!! So I humbly give myself a 9.7! Lol.

Alana NoelName one (or two) thing that turns you on? A great kisser! You can tell just how passionate and sensual a person is from that first kiss.

Describe yourself in three words. Intelligent, affectionate, and fly!

Alana NoelNo matter how hot a guy is, what is your deal breaker? Lack of ambition, disrespectful, and a small soldier! Lmfaoo

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Alana Noel